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    I would say a Lab/Chow (red), I had a Lab/Chow...

    I would say a Lab/Chow (red), I had a Lab/Chow mix (black) and your dog looks like him and other Lab/Chow mixes I've seen.
  2. I also want to tell you about my Ghost Wolf!

    He was 6 weeks old and weighed 5.3 lbs. when he came to live with me; just a little ball of white fur with stick em up ears. He was 12 years 10 months and was 120 lbs of White German Shepherd when...
  3. I want to tell you about Kodi Bear!

    As I stood there in the hot sun beside the open grave that held my precious Baby, I felt not the heat but a coldness that permeated my body. My chest felt as though a giant fist had reached in,...
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    How beautiful you were Nutty and those eyes tell me an entire story. Such pain your owner had to suffer when you had to go but such joy the two of you will share when you are reunited. In the...
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    What a Wonder you were

    Alex the Wonder Dog. What a wonder title for your Mom to bestow on you and I bet you were Wonderful. It's so sad when our furbabies have to leave but thankfully we'll see them again so you keep...
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    She knew she was loved.

    Accidents happen no matter how careful we are Kodaka. I, like you am super protective of my babies but one of them slipped down and broke his leg in January, went into cardiac arrest at the Animal...
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    A sweet Kiwi

    What a precious little girl you were Kiwi. I know your Mom/Dad are missing you terribly. Never fear tho, one day you will be reunited and the joy will be beyond description. Until then, you still...
  8. Thread: Latte

    by Lady_Wolfe15

    Latte's are very sweet

    Oh sweet Latte, I am glad your last few days were with someone who loved you. Don't you worry tho, you are now in a place of peace that is pain free, full of love and you can look and act like a...
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    A Shinning Star Indeed

    Star I can tell by your owner's post that you were a shinning star in her life. So sorry you had to leave but unfortunately that's part of living. Enjoy the gravy pond, the biscuit trees and...
  10. What a wonderful Buddy to have

    Oh Buddy, you are a handsome man dog. I bet you took good care of your humans too. Before Mom comes to pick you up at the bridge how about looking up my boys and girs and telling them I will be...
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    I shed a few tears when I saw the picture of you...

    I shed a few tears when I saw the picture of you and Simba. He reminds me of my "oldie may" dogs. As posted previously I have lost 9 in the past 32 years..........they were all a ripe old age. It...
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    Your heart is big enough

    Hi, I am brand new here but read your post and wanted to comment. I am so sorry for your loss. I've had to give up 9 dogs over the past 32 years and it never gets any easier. I loved each...
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