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    Biting Christmas lights?

    Last year I had a problem with my little one biting Christmas lights at the bottom of the tree. I used some deterrant spray from Target, which seemed to work okay....for a few minutes. Finally, I...
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    Does anyone own a Litter Robot?

    I am having a hard time finding reviews of the Litter Robot (other than on their website, which I think is probably a wee bit biased;) )

    Anyone have this monstrosity? Is it better than the...
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I picked...

    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!

    I picked up the Frontline last night and applied it to each of them. The package states that it's fine ofr kittens 8 weeks and older, and so far my little...
  4. Got a new kitten with fleas? How to handle this

    I was given a beautiful new male kitten last week. He's approximately 8 weeks old. So far, he's been kept separate from Marley. I've already taken him to the vet, and his FELV and FIV results...
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    Can anyone recommend a good carrier?

    I frequently make a 2-hour trip in the car with Marley, and I am looking for a carrier that will keep him comfy and safe during the ride.

    The hard-sided Pet Taxi ones are just too well, hard, and...
  6. WOW - Thank you for that warning. I hadn't known...

    WOW - Thank you for that warning. I hadn't known about those issues.

    I just spoke with the vet. She told me that Baytril can cause neurological side effects, and she wants him off the meds for...
  7. Could Baytril be making my cat aggressive?

    We started Marley on Baytril on Saturday for a small hot spot on his neck. He was on this medication once before.

    Sunday night, he was sleeping on the sofa when he suddenly jumped up, became...
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    Thanks! The "marleysofa" pic was actually his...

    Thanks! The "marleysofa" pic was actually his Cat of The Day shot!

    I'd love to get him a playmate! He's pretty clingy to my husband and me though. He won't be upstairs or downstairs without us...
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    Marley is about 3 years old. He's done this...

    Marley is about 3 years old. He's done this since we adopted him (at about 10 months of age)

    Here he is!
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    Help! My cat is attacking me!

    I will be either sitting on the sofa, or walking up the stairs, and Marley will come along and literally lunge at me, biting my feet and legs.

    I'm semi-sure he's playing, but it's rather painful. ...
  11. Thread: Marley

    by MarleysMommy

    Thanks for all the kind words!!!

    Marley was very happy to learn all of the wonderful things you said about him when he was Cat of the Day!

    Here's a peek at his online photo album: Marley's Pictures (You have to have an Ofoto...
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