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    Cats can get Aids?

    my step mom who is a vet tech, and also full of balony says my cat Aristotle has FIV, the cat equivelancy to HIV has anyone heard of such? and does anyone know about it? i.e... life expectancy,...
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    My cat fetches like a dog!!

    ok, my cat Aristotle is a tourtise shell tabby. he is the coolest cat! i was wondering though, if it is normal that when i throw his ball, he runs to it, and grabs with his teeth, and brings it to my...
  3. Do snakes show affection towards their owner?

    ok, my mom says that snakes do not show emotion, or love their owners. she says yes, they know and become familiar with who feeds them, but do not know love, or have the mental capasity to love. is...
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