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  1. The Tribe is packing!

    Oh boy! 4 days on the farm!
    Scooter wants to ride a pony and everyone wants to know if they are having SILENT fireworks! We like the pretty lights but not all the noise!

    MMM MMM Good! Maine...
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    We had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with...

    We had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the Tribe that we could never post photos of any of them in "ungainly or otherwise undignified poses". The Supreme Court still has to decide what...
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    did you wake Hoodini up....or what?

    Looks like Spook is the only one who likes the camera.
    Nice scene to wake up to though! Couple of cuddle cats.
    Remus has a very distinctive racing stripe pattern on the head. :cool:

    thanks for...
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    If they are looking for insect type terrorists,...

    If they are looking for insect type terrorists, would that be Osama bug Laden?

    We could use Ozzie and Molly here at the Port of Seattle to watch for terrorist activity too. They look pretty...
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    Happy Birthday Taz

    ...and many many many more! :D:D
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    You are lucky!

    You have a live, cuddly "screensaver" instead of one of those lame pictures of the desert, the moon or some flowers.
    Where can we get a screensaver like that?
  7. Miquelito has really filled out into a handsome...

    Miquelito has really filled out into a handsome young man!
    And Scrappy2 - what a ham for the camera!

    That chair is very popular.
  8. OOOhhh so cool cats!

    Bet they feel mucho better with the fur off.
    Jen, how long does it take for them to get back to full growth?

    Annie Belle is looking at these photos and saying, no way mom! Crank the AC before...
  9. We like the first picture- Princess has her "high...

    We like the first picture- Princess has her "high beams" on for night vision! :p

    She is a very pretty tabby girl. So says Tiger and Scooter.
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    Thanks for all the posts!

    We know we don't post enough, but mom is always working. Thanks for remembering us and checking in.

    As promised, some photos of Norbert and Tiger on the deck. And a link to our newest gallery on...
  11. Life is good again!

    With BoBo and Michael back home. Hope Michael doesn't miss his teeth too much. Percy says not to worry - he has only 4 teeth left, but feels like a million bucks.

    glad they are doing better.
  12. We read about this

    The Tribe has been a little out of touch lately, but we did read about your crew and their woes - we were thinking of you.
    Glad to hear all this getting back to normal. What an ordeal for them and...
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    love the pictures

    We just can't get enough of scampy little kittens. We like the attitude this one has - spunky and full of it!

    Too cute!
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    construction of the enclosure

    Gary -
    I'll gather some photos of the whole process - we did it in two phases to get to this point. Next we are going to add a permanent roof - right now it is just lattice and we would like to keep...
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    The Tribe checks in

    Yeah, we've been out of touch for a while. But Mom and Dad gave us the best present ever this spring! An enclosed deck/porch! All PT cats are invited to drop by for a cool glass of lemonade and a...
  16. Catnip overload

    Our guys got sleepy just watching Scrappy II!

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    Very cute bunch!

    The ones of them playing with their stuffed rat are very funny. Or Giant Mousie, or whatever that is. It looks like the Remy from "Ratatouille"

    The Tribe
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    Tribe of 7 inspired by all this Valentine Love!

    The Tribe got together to do a little photo montage flash movie in an effort to find their Valentine sweethearts....any takers? It's on their website

    My Furry Valentine...
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    Hi Fister! You are most handsome and "sunny"

    The Tribe boyz all want tattoos like you have on your lips. They think that's very punk and cool. Antoinette prefers to look at such things but isn't interested in tattoos - maybe a bellybutton ring....
  20. Warm thoughts to all the Porchies

    Yes, it is not good for the Found Cat Porchies to have lots of snow and cold.
    Keep them warm with your turkey dinners, Catmandu! Warmth is on it's way from the heart of the Tribe.

    Our snow...
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