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  1. thanks

    Today we had a little service for Diego Joe, we playe dhis favorite song 'Rock Steady' by No Doubt, and then his second fav 'Stairway to Heaven', I said the mourner's kadish, and then read a few...
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    Now presenting>> Moo

    Today I went to Petco to pick up dog food, but while we were there I found this little hamster that had the same personality as DJ, but is white with black spots, and black feet. He was just...
  3. Thanks...

    Thank you so much popcorn, I'll bury your sweet message with him tommorow morning.
  4. I have very unfortunate news, which I think belongs in this thread

    :( This thread was mine and Diego Joe's home, he would sit here on my shoulder, gazing about at the screen curiously as I typed, he was a wonderful hamster, but today he sadly departed to Rainbow...
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    DJ needs your prayers!

    Poor little Diego Joe is not doing so well:( He hasn't been eating or drining unless I feed him. I have to put his mouth on his water bottle for him. He won't climb up tot he top of his cage...
  6. Thread: Slinky!!

    by piclezgomoo

    Slinkey Dinks!

    Now you've joined me in the PT force! Haha that's from Diego Joe. BFFS forever! haha Katie slinks is AWESOME!!! How come you didn't mention Diego Joe!? I mentioned SLinks when DJ won! ...Oh well! =]
  7. Poll: Have No Fear Diego Joe and Autumn are Still here!

    We know you may have forgot us but we think it's worth a try! Lately Autumn and Diego Joe have been VERY busy! I promise to have some more pictures soon! We also might be addign some more fish to the...
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    Cavy Care Questions!

    Yes! Yes! It's a miracle! I am back! I have one question... HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF A GUINEA PIG?! My sister & I might be getting one so please! Help!

    Thanks so much
    ~Breezy n' DJ
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    I know whatcha mean...

    My hamster Diego Joe had one red eye & one brown/black eye. He later became blind. It could be that the eyes are two different colors but I wouldn't take the chance. Good luck & happy Thanksgiving....
  10. I'm so proud of my little baby Diego Joe!

    :) Diego Joe gives you all many thanks! He even badgered me to go back on PT so here I am! As a gift for being my special little boy I got hima new purple Coast Cage! I'll hopefully have some...
  11. Could you please spare a vote for Diego Joe................?

    It would be very special to both of us!!!
  12. Could you please spare a vote for Diego Joe................?

    Please! It's just one click! Just scroll down & click yes! He is darling to me & I hope he is darling to you! I know there are nice people out there who would be willing to vote for him! -hugs-...
  13. thanks everyone!

    thanks agaiN!
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    Thank you slick! Diego Joe also says thank you! Have a great day!
  15. thanks!

    THANK YOU ALL! -hugs-
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    Some Pictures Of Diego Joe

    Here are some silly pictures of my Baby Diego Joe
    Above is him on my desk. I was intending to take a picture of the flowers in...
  17. Thanks!

    Thank you so much for voting! Sorry for in inconviniece(sp???)
  18. Below is the link!
  19. Please Read If You Voted Or Want To Vote For Diego Joe

    I was notified that Diego Joe's votes were accidentlaly reset. So now I ask if you guys could plaese vote for him. I really want hom to be Darling Pet of the month. it would make my birthday just...
  20. Poll: THANK YOU ALL!

    Thank you to everyone who has voted for him!
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