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    Good luck with everything!

    I had a pet rat named Klondyke. Klondyke developed a huge lump in her belly too... The lump got to be so big that you could see a pink thing/ball coming out of her bottom. Even though Klondyke did...
  2. Getting Older Bunnies Spayed ?

    Thank you for replying! I do want to get her spayed. I talked about getting Floppers spayed once she recovered 100% from the UTI and Cold, which was in August.

    Floppers is almost 2 and 1/2...
  3. Bunny Rabbit has Growing Bump/Scab on Ear

    I took pictures of the scab on my bunnies ear. To see them please go to

    My bunny rabbit, Floppers, has what appears to be a scab on her ear, I cannot exactly...
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