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    yeah its really round and fat.. im goin 2 call...

    yeah its really round and fat..
    im goin 2 call them tomorrow when i get home..
    yeah she loves to eat and she popping normally.. and yeah she behaves..
    i just think she may of eating something she...
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    my rat has a lump on its neck

    Well i have a rat..
    she has this lump on her neck.. i think that i gave her something she couldn't digest and when i was giving her a bath i felt them in her stomach.. i looked up to see if i could...
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    is it healthy to feed rats dog food?

    well i was talking to one of my friends and he told me that if u feed rats dog food they get bigger over time.. he has a friend to dose that so he could feed his snake.. well i wont my rat to be big...
  4. i got a new cat and my acts actin different.. help

    i have had my old cat for a year now and she has been around 1 or 2 cats but she tried to fight with them well i found a kitten and she so lovable and sweet.. but my cat babigirl keeps on hissing at...
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    my cat got out and now is acting crazy

    my cat babi girl she gets out and i always get her but i left and did not know that she got and and i was gone for 4 hours and when i came back and i realized that she was out and went 2 go get her...
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