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    Cats and rat poison

    Take a look at this story of a very large cat being effected by rat poison:

    They think it ate dead rats killed with poison. When I was a kid, we lost 1 cat to what my...
  2. A 45 to 50 lbs BC (Border Collie) & cutting his heart worm pill in half to save money!

    I have given him both Tri-Heart Plus for 51-100 lbs dogs and 26-50 lbs dogs. I have asked if it was
    okay to buy the bigger dose and cut into half, thus reducing the cost. I was told the medication...
  3. Premium food (like Taste of the Wild), as opposed to basic food, for my BC (Border Collie) dog/son

    I have been feeding my 10 yr old BC basic food, like Pedigree. With usually a little moist food on top,
    to make it taste better. My vet says this is fine. She does not feel premium dog foods would...
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    Raw hide chews for my Border Collie

    He like Pork Chomps Twists w/Bacon Flavor. They are kind of expensive. $5 for 4 of em. He won't work on plain raw hide, even with
    peanut butter spread on them. There was a Barbecue flavored chew,...
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    Yes, I would like to think I have a sense of...

    Yes, I would like to think I have a sense of humor. I found this cat emaciated, near were I used to live. She needed my help. Neighbors, who were animal
    lovers pitched in with some cat they had...
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    Yeah, I need to give that a try. The possibility...

    Yeah, I need to give that a try. The possibility of losing her will be eliminated. It may take a while, but that is the safe way to go.
    If people ask, I will just explain, I don't want to lose her....
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    Taking an indoor cat for a walk

    I have an indoor cat. She used to go outdoors, when I lived in a 2nd floor unit. I'm up high now so my cat Pumpkin, does not go out. She would walk with me and my Border Collie. My cat really likes...
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