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  1. If I did, it wasn't intentional. Goodness me....
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    So why did you delete your post?
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    You won't get unncessary comments here on this forum. It IS heavily moderated and Karen takes this seriously. Post your concerns in Cat Health and these will get answered by well-meaning people, most of which have been through the same scenario. You'll also get lots of prayers and positive thoughts.

    I'm going to look at your profile and see what the issue with uploading is. The forum recently went through a major upgrade.

    If you need to be funny, rude, no serious, sarcastic, political, etc, there is a Dog House forum that is unsearchable. Wear a falme-retardent suit and
  4. @mrspunkysmom: the post (or thread?) that caught my attention was "Persian dirty face" from.....5 years ago! Niki777 described the EXACT same problem Max has, and I wish I knew how her cat has fared from all the remedies she's tried. She is the only one I've found in my online research who has described this awful affliction to the degree from which Max suffers. It absolutely kills me w/guilt that I can't help him get rid of this.
    Pardon my "newbie-ness" but if I go to "Cat Health" and post Max's problem, do I just need to keep going back to the forum to check for responses? Or is there a quicker way to get alerts for replies?
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    This wall is a visitor message between you and me. Others can see it since it is on a WALL. We can private message each other, too.
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    You have to post or respond to posts in the forums. You are moderated. Once you have made several posts and proven you are not a spammer, you get approved. AT least that 's Karen explained it. Until you are approved, people can't see your profile or respond via visitor messages. Make your posts. Ask your questions and respond to other's posts. Welcome to Pet Talk.
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    I appreciate being elevated to cat status from mere human, but my dermatitis is not the same, or at least I think it's not. Can you reference the post about the dermatitis since I also have a cat with some cat acne?

    I will say most of mine appears to be cause by Wheat (gluten) and either a pharmaceutical or an arthropod. I don't think I have bed bugs, especially at school or the doctor's office, where I once broke out into hives, so it probably is a medicine, unless it's the wheat starch that medicines are compounded in.

    I suggest switching to a grain free food. Natural Balance or Eagle Holistic are excellent choices. Cats have no business eating most grains. So far rice and some potatoes seem to be the best choices to mix with meat for cat kibble.

    Does your cat have messy stools? Mine get fresh cooked natural human food, just like I do now. Actually, i could say that until I got sick recently, my cats ate better than I did.
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