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    Today, 11:02 AM
    lizbud replied to a thread Lucy in her box in Cat General
    Lucy is soooo sweet. I love a cat with personality like she has. She makes me smile.:):)
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    Today, 10:58 AM
    lizbud replied to a thread Meet my new little boy in Cat General
    What a doll baby.:love::love: He almost looks like a toy kitty, he looks so perfect.:) Hello there little George.:love::love:
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  • smokey the elder's Avatar
    Today, 09:21 AM
    Aww, you're a sweet silly girl, Lucy!:D
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  • smokey the elder's Avatar
    Today, 09:20 AM
    Wow, look at that face! When I saw those ENORMOUS ears and stunning blue eyes this morning I knew what a special kitty you are.
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  • catmandu's Avatar
    Today, 09:20 AM
    catmandu replied to a thread Lucy in her box in Cat General
    What a beautiful Lay you are Lucy, and you even have a box with your name on it. You are the very picture of a Happy Cat:love::love::love:
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    Today, 09:18 AM
    catmandu replied to a thread Handsome Harlequin in Today's Cat
    :love::love::love: We all got quite a pleasant view today when wee first saw you Harlequin , you are such amazing Cat. You are so imperially slim ,...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Today, 12:08 AM
    cassiesmom replied to a thread Zoey! in Today's Dog
    Zoey, I agree with everything that everyone has said! You're adorable, you definitely don't look ten years old! How wonderful that you are a very...
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  • pomtzu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:17 PM
    Leave it to Willy! :D When I had my tanks, the dogs and cats I had at that time, just loved eating any fish flakes that I may have dropped on the...
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  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:30 PM
    I was emailing a vendor in California today, and she also requested I send some of our abundant rain to her!
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  • pomtzu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:51 PM
    pomtzu replied to a thread grooming a cockapoo in Dog Health
    Oh my!!! At a quick glance, I thought it said " grooming a cockatoo" HUH - groom a cockatoo????? It's strange how your brain sometimes misreads...
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  • pomtzu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:37 PM
    Rainy, chilly and windy. Gloomy day to match my mood. After temps in the upper 70's to low 80's for the past several days, wet snow and temps below...
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  • pomtzu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:17 PM
    pomtzu replied to a thread Zoey! in Today's Dog
    Zoey - what a cutie-pie you are. You have such a sweet look about you. I just love little fuzzy fluffies - and you sure are one - just adorable....
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  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:08 PM
    Hi Yukukitteru! Happy Cat of the Day!:) What a beautiful, playful, sweet and loving Brazilian beauty you are, sweetheart!:) We're so grateful to...
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  • momoffuzzyfaces's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:19 PM
    Yukukitteru what an adorable fellow you are!!! :love: You look so happy in your garden. It must be a fun place to explore and enjoy some sunshine....
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  • momoffuzzyfaces's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:15 PM
    I love the big happy cat smile she is wearing!!! Hi Lucy!!! :):love:
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  • momoffuzzyfaces's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:12 PM
    momoffuzzyfaces replied to a thread Fredward!!! in Today's Pet
    Fredward what an adorable turtle you are!!! :love: You remind me of the turtles I had when I was a girl. :) It sounds like you have the same sweet...
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  • momoffuzzyfaces's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:07 PM
    momoffuzzyfaces replied to a thread Computer questions in General
    Thanks Karen, mrspunkysmom, and Randi. :love::love::love: Step by step instruction was just what I needed. Who knew you had to get there from the...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:05 PM
    What a sweety you are, Yukukitteru! I like your green eyes and your pretty tabby markings! You watch other kitties and talk to them, and play fetch...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:01 PM
    cassiesmom replied to a thread Lucy in her box in Cat General
    She's so pretty! Hello, lovely Lucy!
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  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:53 PM
    Karen replied to a thread Lucy in her box in Cat General
    Hee hee - glad it has her name on it, so no other kitty can claim it! ;)
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  • Randi's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:13 PM
    Randi started a thread Lucy in her box in Cat General
    Lucy loves her box and to be dragged around sitting inside it - so funny. I think any other cat would jump out immediately if you moved it. Last...
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  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:09 PM
    tatsxxx11 replied to a thread Fredward!!! in Today's Pet
    What a stunning Painted Turtle you are, Fredward!:eek: Your markings, your coloring, aka your "paint," are gorgeous! I don't think we've had too...
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  • tatsxxx11's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:01 PM
    tatsxxx11 replied to a thread Zoey! in Today's Dog
    Greetings darling Zoey! Happy Dog of the Day!!!:) What a precious pup you are, simply adorable...just look at that face, that loving expression,...
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  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:58 PM
    http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2014/04/11/sjc-police-not-need-search-warrants-rescue-animals-endangered-humans/YSGELSO2c6m5wW74nbq8DP/story.html ...
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  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:48 PM
    Karen replied to a thread Meet my new little boy in Cat General
    Kittens' eyes usually change between 7-9 weeks, so we will see what happens! And of course we think (curious) George is afire name, why a Prince of a...
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  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:33 AM
    Yesterday way warm and so windy - 45 m.p.h. they predicted, I am sure some were even stronger. Today it is raining and 64, with a predicted halving...
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  • catmandu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:31 AM
    Yes , we all love pomp , ceremony , the horses and Southern Cooking. We are so there!!!!!!!!!!!:cool::cool::cool:
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  • catmandu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:28 AM
    Would you please consider Michael as that was the name of my Mister Purr , My Dream Cat who became and Angel in his 21st year. He would be such a...
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  • catmandu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:25 AM
    :love::love::love: What a great little Cat of the Future you are Yukukitteru , a great little Classic Tabby Cat who has their whole life ahead ,...
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  • Karen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:09 AM
    Hey, you guys! Edward - the kitty who owns Pet Talker Richard LIVES in Kentucky - you might want to check with him as to particularly good Kentucky...
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    OK - I'm confused...where did Micky come from?? Cute kitty!
    How are things? Haven't heard from you in a bit...

  2. Hey Kazzie! How's you? You will have got a message from The Gnole - he is a mate of mine from myspace and a really nice guy - you live in his home town
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    I'm from Killearn originally! The trees estate.....where you at? Just roughly obviously not asking for address!
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    Thanks for the friends invite, and thanks for asking about Bobby. He's fine, mostly back to normal, as for Ebby, well, my little princess has cute, and not so cute, ways of making sure I don't forget about her.
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    I hope nothing serious is wrong with Daisy - please keep me posted. Pinot responded to her urgent request!

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    Of course we would like to be 'registered' friends - thanks for the invite! Pinot says hi to the grey kitties of Killearn!
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    Here is another grey kitty on icanhascheezburger! If this kitty had just a little longer fur she would be a twin for Cassie.
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    I thought of you when I saw this because it's a grey kitty!

    Thinking of you,
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We again have three cats. a lovely boy right now, and two little sisters.
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