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    Today, 04:16 PM
    cassiesmom replied to a thread Playoff Baseball 2016! in General
    Richard, where is the baseball stadium where the Dodgers play? Is it new? Yesterday they showed a shot of the sunset over top of the field and it...
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    Today, 03:37 PM
    RICHARD replied to a thread Playoff Baseball 2016! in General
    With every reign, there is a little sunshine after. Sorry, not tonight, They say it never reigns in California..... But, Jobu lives in El...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Today, 11:13 AM
    Happy birthday to Shais-Mom! I hope you are having a special day!
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    Today, 09:33 AM
    Growing up I'd look at photos of the trees in the fall. Because I grew up in So Cal and you MIGHT get a tree or two that shed it's leaves in the...
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    Today, 09:20 AM
    Geek tea and pumpkin pie.....Done! Good thing I looked, I added an extra "t" to the word tea!!!:eek:
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Today, 08:33 AM
    cassiesmom started a thread Ciao, Baloo! in Today's Cat
    Hello, beautiful Baloo in Italy! What a stunning Maine Coon kitten you are! I like your sweet face, your wonderful markings and your full, fluffy...
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    Yesterday, 12:12 PM
    cassiesmom replied to a thread Captain Pancake!!! in Today's Pet
    Captain Pancake, you will make a terrific therapy pet! People will smile when they meet you! As my friend tatsxxx11 said- you will bring smiles to...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:09 AM
    cassiesmom replied to a thread Playoff Baseball 2016! in General
    I just want to know what happened to Jake Arrieta last night. He seemed to check out part way through the game. Cubbies, this is not how it's...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:42 AM
    Hello, handsome O'Malley! You posed for your photos on a blue blanket that sets off your gem-like blue eyes! How wonderful that your person joined...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:39 AM
    Hello, lovely lady Zoe! And hello to Cole and Oscar, too! I am sending all of you some gentle petting today.
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:30 AM
    RICHARD replied to a thread Playoff Baseball 2016! in General
    :eek::eek::eek::eek: No time to panic or gloat.....Go Baseball.
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:27 AM
    Count me in, how's about some homemade bread? I take a skillet and melt a chunk of butter in it - I put the slices in and coat both sides....
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 06:25 PM
    RICHARD replied to a thread Random thoughts in General
    I hear you. I just read that they disabled the app so if you are driving and looking for Pokémon, it automatically disables the game! LH Ham...
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  • katladyd's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 03:49 PM
    "I already fed you! Wait a minute. Here's some Temptations. What now?" Just a few samples of what I go through with Cali. I call her The Little...
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  • katladyd's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 03:46 PM
    I can't really judge by only one picture, but Olive doesn't look "fat" there. Not skinny by any means, but more of a normal weight. I had a fat cat...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 01:35 PM
    Not to me it doesn't! :love: Edited to add: Dear Olive, I think you're purr-fect and your coat looks very soft! I am sending you some extra...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 11:05 AM
    cassiesmom replied to a thread Puzzle #699 in General
    P, please (for purr!)
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 09:35 AM
    The son of a high school classmate (Jacob) is receiving chemotherapy for lymphoma and they recently found a suspicious-looking spot on his brain. If...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 09:31 AM
    permahoomans :love: This title makes my eyes leaky. I wish every pet could have a permahooman (or more than one) Yay, Angel! You can hear the...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 09:13 AM
    It's sunny and 70 degrees in Chicago this morning and I'm drinking tea. Cats4ever, I hope you are feeling better!
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 09:08 AM
    Not one, but two Cats of the Day today! Thing One and Thing Two, you are so handsome, and you look very nice in your tuxedos with your white-gloved...
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 09:08 PM
    They used the same kind of tech for contraception in women and they were looking at the same kind of implants for males. It is a good idea, but...
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 02:56 PM
    RICHARD replied to a thread Random thoughts in General
    A few things about your post? If that a sandwich with mustard and what was the baby elephant's name? Ah, the things we learn about history!:D
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 10:48 AM
    Hold on, Angel pup - I will bring you a couple more :) Just to be sure you have enough! LH, does she always make a nest like that? I wonder if...
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 09:59 AM
    CHILI, FOR THE HOUSE!!! Molasses cookies and your waistline.........what about my blood sugar? DONE! It's going to get up to the upper...
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  • RICHARD's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 09:15 AM
    Oh sure, now that Tom Brady is back? The gloves are off. I don't like "The Gronk", either.
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 09:07 AM
    Same here and more love to Frankie and all the Fluffs! And the kitties too :love:
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 09:01 AM
    Wow, Karen, what a gorgeous autumn tree! We had our first frost last week, but it's supposed to be 82 degrees today. When I was little this...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 08:53 AM
    cassiesmom replied to a thread Gardening 2016? in General
    I bet you will enjoy all those garden goodies when the weather is cold and yucky! I'm not a fan of Brussels sprouts, but I bet they taste much...
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  • cassiesmom's Avatar
    10-17-2016, 08:47 AM
    cassiesmom replied to a thread Max in Today's Cat
    Hello, handsome Max! What a sweet boy you are with your green eyes and your soft coat! You look very dapper in the one picture with your crossed...
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    How YOU doin'?

    Have you made the move to KY?

    Email me!

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    Hey Richard. I've just learned of your situation. Sorry to hear you're having troubles. PM me your address? Also, I just found out about the PT book and would love to get in line for that. Can that be made into a sticky?
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    Hey, RICHARD...about your frens, in the past you have posted happy news stories about people and pets in trouble. Do you know a kindly media person who could help you with this? Just to get the word out?

    Just a thought. Hope your owies are healing. <3
  4. thanks, I always can count on a PTer to lift my spirits.
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    Dear Richard and Edster,

  6. GWYD.


    But, I'll admit it.

    I can only give you tears if you ask nicely.

    You didn't ask nicely. :Wink,wink:
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    RICHARD - HUGS x 1000!!! :-)
  8. I am in the middle of a some stuff that needs real attention..
    I'll be around.
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    Hey Richard,

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    Oh gosh Richard, I'm so glad you're here...

    Humph. Just because I don't like pitbull dogs don't mean I have to be yelled at. Check my Rabbit's memorial thread: Carrot. .
    I like dogs, yes. I have a dog. But between Dogs & Cats, I personally like Cats better. Everyone's turning against me... ugh it's so frustrarting. Can't ya help me out, Richard? Like be on my side? I got millions of people out in the forum trying to figure out what page i'm on waving BOO! signs.
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