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  1. hammiegirl
    That is cool that charlie was DOTD. I thought you might have lived in the west b/c of all those western horse movies.....lol. That is still cool that you can ride him though.

    I want to become a vet when I am an adult because I love animals. Especially cats, but I have a low allergy to them... I am guessing I would have to get those monthly shots at the doctor that help w/ allergies. That wouldn't draw me back from becoming a vet.

    My dog is big and cuddly... I like big dogs better b/c I feel like some of the little dogs (not all) love to bark and squeak constantly. Plus, they are pretty much all bark no bite. It won't help when there is an intruder. Snowball is very protective of his home, but only barks when there are strangers. Never anytime else. Right now, he has his head on my lap while I am typing, and he is snoring. Lol silly dog.
  2. charlie116
    movies can be pretty deceiving lol. & yea i love to ride =). i want to be a vet too!!! i feel the same way about little dogs. the only kinds of little dogs that i like are the ones that will sleep in your lap =). my grandma has a chihuahua that curls up on my chest haha.
  3. hammiegirl
    If I want a dog that can cuddle in your lap, I would just get a cat. My cats purr for you a lot and snuggle w/ you. Plus, you don't have to walk them and let them outside to go to the bathroom. Not as high maintainance as dogs.
  4. charlie116
    i wish i could have a cat =(
  5. Christmas_Hamster
    *revives conversation*
    You can never have a cat technically. Cats own their humans, you see. :P

    I have one syrian currently. His name is Buddy and he's over 2 years old now but still a hyper little guy. I've had 21 hamsters in total, such awesome little things. <3

    As for my other pets: I have a huge dog named Sam and he's some sort of mix. Rottie something perhaps? He's a lap dog and he weighs 100lbs at 10 months of age. :P I have four cats, none of them like to cuddle a lot but two of them will sometimes.

    And skipping back to the rat part of the conversation...I used to have seven rats. They are awesome pets! Check online ads like kijiji or something if you want some rats. There are always rats needing homes somewhere, there are rescues through out the US and Canada too that can always help. *sighs* I miss my girls.
  6. charlie116
    ooooh im sorry lol. let me rephrase that: "i'd really like it if some cats owned me" haha. I looooove big dogs! I have a 110 pound pit bull mix. I used to have 2 rats, but it didn't work out...
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