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  1. hammiegirl
    I have three cats who are very loving. My favorite is Speckles a calico.
    She is very sweet and loves going outside. She is a hunter. I have a friend who owns a declawed cat. Do you think it is wrong to declaw a cat? My kitty would be miserable without claws. It is what they use to defend themselves. I would like to know your opinion about that? Thanks!
  2. Katorcea
    I haven't declawed my cats either, or even cut their nails in years... I'm pretty sure they would be miserable without them and we haven't had any real reason to get rid of them anyway
  3. Smarties
    My siamese mix cat which is named Dexter is declawed. The people that gave him to us (which could no longer keep him) had had him declawed. Dexter has gotten into fights with a tuxedo cat which idk where it lives, and the tuxedo cat fighted and Dexter had no front paw defense. I think it is wrong to declaw kitties. It's pretty much their only defense except for their teeth.
  4. Smarties
    Hello everyone in cat corner! have a great day
  5. Smarties
    Peoples? r u a wake
  6. Smarties
    Guess you're not awake
  7. Hilltop
    Hi Smarties. I don`t think peeps come here very often.
  8. cassiesmom
    Hello, Cat Corner friends! Cassie wants to say she's happy because she got two days with me, her staff... serving her food, treats, catnip, petting, scritchies and retrieving her toys for her. I'm happy because I got a lot of hugs, snuggles and even a nap with my girl.
  9. Bella2764
    Hi everyone. I have 4 cats. Buddy, Misty, Bella & Titan. My 2 popular kitties are Titan and Bella. The reason why is because Titan is a Savannah and he has a personality of a puppy. He gets into everything! Bella is the smallest, quietest and the sweetest. She also has beautiful markings for a Lynxie. She has white paws a white blended bib on her chest and her front legs look like wing markings or heart shaped if u take a close look. Almost like angel wings. I didn't notice it until my daughter said something. I will post Buddy and Misty soon. Have a wonderful evening.
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