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  1. Catherinedana
    Hi everybirdie!

    As a parrot-lover, I thought that us bird people should have our own place to nest. A place to talk about our birds and ask questions.
  2. Catherinedana
    Sonny and Quincy got a new cage yesterday. They are a Quaker and Sun conure who are a bonded pair even though they are both male and different species!! Unfortunately, Quincy is a bit of a pest and he often annoys Sonny, which makes Sonny scrEEEEEEch in that unmistakable conure fashion of his. Sometimes all Quincy has to do is look at Sonny and Sonny will yell. Reminds me of my brother and sister. . ."Maaaaaa! He's LOOKING at me! Tell him to stop!"

    Well, I got them the bigger cage so that they would have more room and the opportunity to perch further away if they wanted to. Of course, they are nervous in the new cage and spent the evening squished together on the smallest perch! But there was no bickering! And Quincy is not being psychotically territorial about the space, trying to bite or hissing and such. I think it was a good move - they will get used to it in time and be much more comfortable. It has a little playgym on top as well.

    Lovin' those parrots!!!

  3. Catherinedana
    Great pictures! Your budgies are beautiful. Bret has very similar coloring to my girl Jheri. Blue looks like she is wearing a white dress!
  4. karyn674
    Hello All,

    I'm Karen from the island of Malta in Europe, and joined Pet talk some years back. I have a cat called Lulu and today I joined your Group The Parrot Perch, since 3 wks ago, my husband got me 2 lovebirds as a surprise ). They are called Lemon & Lime (you will understand why when I post pictures!!) Never had parrots so these are the first. Did some reserch so to get some knowledge on how to propperly care for them and maybe we could share tips and information, that would be very nice. What do you think?

    From the day we had Lemon and Lime, my husband and I discovered that Lulu (our cat) might be also realted to the Lovebirds!!! Lol! Yes, she is a true Lovebug! She loves them. To be honest they are still afraid of me when I approach the cage but not of Lulu. In fact she never ever even tried to hunt for birds, what she enjoys though is playing with the shadows. As a matter of fact in the evening she's always alert of any shadows in the house...she even tries to catch her own tail shadow

    Will post some pictures soon.


  5. Catherinedana
    Looking forward to pictures of L & L!
  6. karyn674
    Here they are!!!

    I present to you....(roll of drums!) Lemon and Lime!!!

    As you might notice, Lime (the green bird....pretty obvious, I know!) is the best model. He is much calmer then Lemon and does not fly around the cage trying to escape.

    Catty, I have to tell you that the magazine thingie, succeeded 100%. Actually they are reading too much for my likes!!!! My husband warned me to be careful what printed material to give them, since in no time they'll be asking for freedom of flight!!! They are studying too!

    Enjoy the pics!!

    Good day

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