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  1. Amber n S
    Amber n S
    Join my group and lets trade stories, I have a wonderful Manx cat named bunni When she was a kitten I worked a vet hospital and she came is as sick as can be, they were going to pet her down and I said NO!!!!! I could see her personality shine through the sickness I brought her back to health. She plays hid and seek fetch and knock’s at the door when she wants in. I call her princess bunni that is how spoiled she is!!!
  2. Amber n S
    Amber n S
    My dog Gizmo I found him a few days after Christmas, taped up in a box with no air holes he was so small that he fit into the palm of my hand! He is the best dog I could ever ask for. Tell me your pet stories!
  3. Amber n S
    Amber n S
    well maybe people will join????
  4. SWEETPEASMom_09
    I just recently recieved a pug puppy for my 40th birthday. From the day she walked in the door she has been nothing but a joy!
    Though we are still working on a few rules,she is doing well. Her newest trick is to wait for my white cat Smudge to fall asleep on a chair.
    Smudge has this habit of letting her tail dangle when she is sleeping. My puppy times it just right runs over to her and grabs her tail and trys to run with it.
    At first I did everything to stop this behavior, then one day I watched as my white cat waited for the pup to fall asleep and grab her tail and try to run off with it. The funny thing is they have become the best of friends they sleep together eat together and play together.
  5. Amber n S
    Amber n S
    Aww, that is a really cute story
  6. charlie116
    hi! i just joined haha. i guess ill tell you the story of my rescue dog =). i have a pit bull mix named charlie (he was dog of the day on 12-12-09). my mom's friend's daughter found him in her backyard & couldn't keep him cuz she currently owned a pit bull & couldn't handle 2. she said she was going to give him to the ASPCA & we all knew that he'd probably be put to sleep cuz he's a pit bull, so we took him in =). he's turned out to be the sweetest dog ever. he's a 110-pound baby. i love him!
  7. Smarties
    I have a cat who's name is Dexter. His owners could no longer keep him because they were moving and could not take him. So we took him in. He is the sweetest cat EVER.

    I also have a dog named Max. He is a chiuahuah. His old owners didn't really like him much, so we took HIM in.

    Then, finally, i have a fish.
    His name is Fred. He is a CrownTail Betta. We went to petsmart, and we looked at fishes. I saw him and i was like.... oh my goodness what a beautiful fish. So we got his tank, food, and all that, and bought him.
  8. Smarties
    hi everyone! hope you have a great day smarties
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