Coffee & Tea

  1. Hellow
    I drink both xD
  2. luv my cats
    luv my cats
    I prefer tea hot or cold. I enjoy coffee on the weekends when my hubby is home to drink it with me! ~LOL~ Look at me and Reggie dancing!
  3. Catherinedana
    I was always an avid coffee drinker until recently. I still need my cup of coffee in the morning to get me going, but I have discovered the experience of tea. I got myself a clear blown glass teapot and it came with "blossoming teas". They look like a pod, but when you pour hot water over it, it actually blooms into a beautiful "tea bouquet" at the bottom of the pot. Since the pot is clear, I can see the whole process. It's beautiful AND delicious. I use agave nectar to sweeten my tea. Very mild, natural sweetner.

    Yum! Cathy
  4. Catherinedana
    Fun News! Raves over Chinese caterpillar poo tea

    Awhile back we introduced the world's most expensive coffee, the Luwak bean, picked from weasel poo:

    Now we see an even more exotic beverage, Chong Cha, a tea made from caterpillar droppings.

    Chong Cha is said to be delicious and it has special healing properties:
    "It is taken to prevent heatstroke, counteract various poisons, and to aid digestion, as well as being considered helpful in alleviating cases of diarrhea, nosebleed and bleeding hemorrhoids."

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