Gini's BBQ crowd

  1. Randi
    This is just to test the new feature out, but we could keep it going.
  2. krazyaboutkatz
    Randi, this is a great idea.
  3. Randi
    I'm glad to see more have joined! Now, we're the one with the most members! I believe everyone can add photos. I'll add some more soon.
  4. catland
    What a cool idea. This really brightened up my day. - WOW - I can't believe how short my hair was then - it's shoulder length now. It's great to see pics of people!

    Me and my pants thank you!!! (They're antiques now - especially since I've gone up a size >menopause sucks<.)
  5. Randi
    Hi Julie, great to see you here! Sorry about the wine, but we did get it off! Oh, how I would love to share another bottle with you all!
  6. Killearn Kitties
    Killearn Kitties
    Randi, I think you "shared" that glass more than adequately the last time.
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