1. Momma<3'sHerKittens
    I have two kittens that we rescued back in March. Cutest story EVER! well, in my case it is.. Haha.

    We were going to the gym but as we were driving by this street, we heard this extreamly loud cry of one or more kittens. so we went back and sure enough these two little 2-3 week old kittens someone had prolly dumped by dry creek. Completly covered in flees, starving and just so sad. But we took them and kept them as our own. I got the privilage of naming them Lucky and Lucy. Lucy is very obviously the runt of the litter small light gray with white paws and a white belly with super long white little whiskers! yellow and black eyes. Lucky is completly gray with dark black spots on his tail and body. Same eye color as Lucy.

    I love them to death, not only having them less than a year has been crazy between having to bottel feed and the amazment that comes from being able to watch a animal devople into the loving fun wild cute kittens they are!
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