Virtual Dogs in Second Life

  1. Vitolo Rossini
    Vitolo Rossini
    I use Second Life to train individuals who want to participate in virtual dog ownership. I also train these dogs, to do any number of things,(complex tricks, retrieval of objects, obedience and agility, & protection). I work with two primary makes of virtual dogs. D&D Dogs, and VKC Dog. Each has its use and application. I encourage you when in world to contact me so that I can give you a demo that will knock your socks off. If you are interested in Canines, contact me! I have begun a new passion and pursuit. Now that I have a facility…a TBI center, I am using virtual dogs as therapy for my members with TBI. You would be amazed at the fun the dogs are, as well as the confidence it builds in members and all sl residents who learn to master these pups! If you are in world, look in search, under "Dogland" and see how we use the dogs! I encourage all to come and see Dogland Park, Rhoda. I will give you a personal tour.
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