1. chicken-lady
    Ophelia is our resident Opossum. She is not technically a pet but she comes around just about every evening to eat some cat food with the cats on the back screened in porch. My Husband made a cat door so the cats can get on the porch to eat and sleep. he made 2 "cat condos" to keep them warm and dry and there are cat pans, scratching post,and food and water and clean blankets for their beds!

    Ophelia doesn't stay on the porch over night but she will eat and drink and the cats do not bother her, in fact they will eat side by side. She has a lot of black fur and a very pretty face. She does need a tail cover though. Or a big bow on her tail to make it look pretty.

    After eating she will drink some water and she and the cats will sniff each other and then she will wobble out the cat door back to the woods.
  2. luckies4me
    Aww, she sounds adorable. Do you have any photos of her?
  3. charlie116
    I have a chinchilla =)
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