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I saw another peculiar pidgeon in me garden today again. First I thought it was the one with bright purple under its wings. This one had one bright blue wing and one purple one. So pretty, you cannot tell they are different until they fly but they are so colourful and eccentric to me. I love seeing them. Almost lured her over but my efforts were thwarted by a startled crow. Next time maybe!

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  1. mon's Avatar
    I have exhausted my google search of pidgeons and am now beginning doves. Seems that I have seen hundreds of photos of pidgeons and none are similar. I imagine it could be a bird that has been bred and escaped and flew away, I need to get to the bottom of this! Now there are two, gotta figure out what's up!
  2. mon's Avatar
    I was clearing out some vines in the back 40 today and the kid next door and her girlfriend came over to help. She has seen the pretty bird too and I am happy to report she was just as impressed as I. I am also glad for the validation and verification as the husband has been teasing me that I simply just got into too many magic mushrooms back in the day. While that may be true (don't tell) the youngster next door is innocent, smart as a whip and has excellent eyesight!! Her freind said that her dads freind, that lives in this neiborhood raises homing pidgeons and lets them fly about. OMG!! I'll bet he that they are his, waddya think. This mystery may be solved yet. I am thrilled beyond measure! Just would love to know how their wings came to be so brilliant, it doe not seem natural.
  3. mon's Avatar
    Well, I am still seeing my feathered freinds but not much interest by anyone else so I will end this blog. Not sure how to do that so..... the end.

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