Awesome Bearded Dragon Facts

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A few days ago I did an ďinteresting factsĒ article on guinea pigs, but this time iím going to write one on my other pet, the bearded dragon. These reptile pets have become increasingly common, especially in the last decade. But theyíve become common simply because theyíre quite interesting reptiles.

Of course i did my share of research before picking up a bearded dragon and have discovered some interesting things. Here are a few bearded dragon facts that iíve found.

They Came From Australia

The bearded dragons are a species of reptiles that came from the deserts of Australia. Yes, although you may not believe it, itís true. They are actually so common in Australia that they live among people in residential areas. Itís common for people to go home and see a beardie basking in the sun on top of their driveway.

They Were Exported Illegally

Yes, at one point in time, beardies were actually illegally exported from the Australian nation, but that isnít the case anymore today. If you own a bearded dragon today, you can thank Australia for letting us raise some extraordinary reptiles.

Before it became legal to export dragons, people were doing it illegally to all over the world. And since they were prolific breeders, this reptile began to spread and populate nations all around.

They Actually Have a Beard

Have you ever wondered why these lizards are called the ďbeardedĒ dragons? Itís because they actually have the ability to show a beard that closely resembles that of a humanís. If these lizards are trying to display dominance over another, they will puff out their throats and the scales will turn black.

This may not happen too often if theyíre kept in captivity by themselves, but when you try to introduce two dragons (especially males) in a single enclosure, this behavior will likely happen. Itís truly an interesting sequence of events to watch.

You can check out a video here

They Canít Regenerate Their Tail

One thing iíve heard about lizards ever since I was a kid, is the fact that they are able to detach their tails and later regenerate them. Although this may be true with many lizard species, itís not the case for the bearded dragon. Do not try to sever the tail and expect it to grow back later on. All thatíll happen is youíll be left with an extremely injured reptile pet.

They Will Brummate

Like how mammals hibernate during the cold winters, a reptile will brummate. Even though bearded dragons have been in captivity for decades now, they still contain their biological clock thatís telling them they need to hibernate.

Not all dragons will go through this process, but some will. Mine did and it had me really worried until I read through articles and forums and figured out it was a natural process for them. Donít always assume theyíre sick, but do get some help to check the cause of a lethargic dragon.

Theyíre Great Breeders

A bearded dragon can have up to 20 eggs at a single time. Although this is great for the species and decreases their chances of going extinct, you may not want to try breeding yourself unless you can really raise up to 20 dragons.

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