Man Pleaded Guilty For Attacking and Burning a Dog

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NOTICE: Graphic images, not for the weak of heart!

Cody, a three-year old Collie have survived for two weeks before the Vets decided to put her down due to the severe burns he suffered from the hand of a 23-year old man named Andrew Richard Stewart. The Vets said due o the trauma and severity of the burns which exposes the canineís flesh and ribs, Cody would never recover and putting him down would be the best alternative to end his suffering.
Stewart pleaded guilty after the Belfast Crown Court for dousing flammable liquid and set Cody on fire. Initially, Stewart denied the charges in August 2012. But when the family of Natalie and Martin Agnew was about to give evidences to the crime, Stewart changed his mind and pleaded guilty for the charge. For this, he will surely face prison terms upon conviction. During the trial, Codyís death sparked outrage for animal cruelty on various social networking pages. It even raised a fund around £2,000 to pay off Codyís veterinary expenses and support animal charity. The celebrated case drew numbers of animal rights activists rally by the courtroom in Laganside Complex, Belfast City to support the Agnew family whose has been under stressed for the past 2 years because of the horrible crime inflicted on their beloved dog, Cody. Mrs Agnew said her boys still suffers sleepless nights and nightmares and would badly need counselling.
Stewart was currently on bail pending conviction of the case. His accomplice and co-accused, Jamie Downey, also 23 years old was still undergoing hearings of the same offense.


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