You Look like Your Pet!

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If you’ve seen the animated movie 101 Dalmatians and saw Cruella Deville who look like her dogs. You must have been wondering if you must have been like Cruella over the years having lived with your best friend pets. Do you sometimes wonder while staring at the mirror that you are becoming to look like your pet? Chances are, you are! A recent study by psychologists reveals that there are really some surprisingly correlation and resemblances between the pets and their human owners.
An experiment has been conducted by a team of psychologists in Japan matching photos of their owners and their dogs. Astonishingly, facial features have bizarrely matched. It’s like pairing up a puzzle base on the dogs as to their rightful owners from a stack of random photos. Some of the photos are even deliberately altered to add up to the mix-matching challenge. During the process most who participated distinguishes the eyes as the highly resembling factor between dogs and their respective owners. Although the study has no logical scientific connection except for the works of our subconscious minds on randomly looking between photos. The psychologists are as stumped and quizzical about the similarities like the rest of us.
Some mentioned that being ‘soulmates’ is a factor. As for me I look at it as because we, dog owners and parents have bestowed our attention to our dog buddies that we sometimes tend to make them wear and look like how we are. We sometimes dress with the same print patterns, we sometimes do our haircut similar to how out pets look. All because we are proud owners and companions of our pets and flaunt it to the world that we are alike even though only in the way we dress or does our haircut.
How ‘bout you? Do you look like your pets? Or maybe your pets look like you?

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