Dogs, Their Secret Lives

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(Inspired by the Dog documentary featured on Channel 4)

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Do you know what our dog buddies do in a day from the moment they wake up until they retire at night? Do you know what they were doing back home while we go someplace and do our own thing? Do you try to document how they’ve been even for a short period of time?
In a documentary featured about dogs on Channel 4, some amazing discoveries were discovered by pet parents regarding what life is with dogs all alone in several homes. The amazing discovery and account led animal behavioural scientists to study dog ethics and manners when they were not with their human parents. If you are a doting parents of dogs who have some questions about why and how their dogs have certain conditions like, overweight, depressed, diabetic and other known health disorder for dogs. You would surely find out most of the causes by spending a little experiment of close monitoring them especially if they were alone and not within your watchful eyes. The help of a CCTV or monitoring camera will be a sure edge to track about how they get to their condition.
Health Condition.
Most of us pet parents claim we’ve been feeding them with healthy and correct diet. Not until we see what they are scavenging around once we go out our homes. In the documentary, the cause of the subject dog’s overweight condition was revealed: Aside from what his pet parents measured feeding based on his weight and breed. The dog also hovered over the bowls of the other pets in the house. Besides the dog’s pet parents, other people within the vicinity are also filling on the dog’s bowl without their knowledge contributing to the dog’s obese condition.
Frustration Due to Food Cravings.
After watching and observing the subject dog on the documentary, animal behavioural scientists have observed that the thermal scanning analysis recordings led them to conclude that anxiety, panic and frustration add up to the dog’s craving condition. Making the dog relaxed by giving him treats and toys while everyone is out can prevent and control his food cravings where no one is around. A popular dog treat was bone. But based on actual studies real bones given to dogs can break into sharp splinter pieces that could damage a dog’s throat, oesophagus and other intestinal parts. It can also cause indigestion and other conditions that could sometimes be fatal. So you need to be very careful in choosing bones for your dogs.
Our buddies go into a lot of stress much so if they are left all alone in our homes. Dogs are pack animals and they need to belong to make them behave properly. That is why they need us so much to help them feel secure and happy. The bond between man and its loyal companion – the dog has been documented through history since the early generation of man. And through generations and ages, there are so many accounts that dogs loyalty to man has been tested and shown in so many ways and in many occasions dogs have laid their own lives for the sake and welfare of their masters – MAN.

Have you ever tried to find out what secrets does your dog keep while you are away from them?
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