Don't forget Our Pets During The Storm

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The sounds of thunders fright them so much. How much more if deep waters engulf them. In the Philippines, where I was from typhoons and storms come all year round. Just imagine how many letters are there in the English alphabet. That is the MINIMUM number of typhoons that come across my country. Thus, Iím pretty got used to it since I was born. The same experience my buddies had during their lifetime.
But just like you guys from the other side of the world, we love our pets, in my case my doggies like they were part of our families. Above is a typical example of how we and our pet dogs survive every storm that passes our way. So, next time a storm passes, don't forget your pets, we are their heroes for survival as well as they were heroes to us too in terms of their unconditional loyalty, obedience and bravery.

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