Today in my house (:

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Whenever my family members go on a trip or something like that my home is pretty much the go to place for caring for their cats or dogs. I love when they come over because I don't have a dog only cats ^.^ So it's a different veiw of the animal world when my aunt brings over her White West Highland Terrier. He is just the cutest little dog and so nice too! (: He is mostly calm and thank goodness he likes my cats because that would have been a problem U.U.
Anyway today and this weekened I get to dog sit him! ((:

Here he is:


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  1. Karen's Avatar
    Aww, how cute!
  2. jennifert9's Avatar
    He is adorable! Enjoy!
  3. sana's Avatar
    Awie! How precious! So fluffy and huggable
    I love it when my cousins leave their pets in our care! Had to bird-sit some weeks ago!
  4. furry_friend's Avatar
    I have always loved this breed of dogs and someday I will have one currently I am the loving parent of a black kitty who I cherish and when I finally retire I will adopt a rescue dog
    some day sigh ...

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