Oh Gosh

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If it was not for God i would have lost my horse.. the other day ... i had an odd feeling to go check the red gate... i ignored it for a quick second thinking it was just Paranoia ... like i usually am with the gates well... i went out my boots on backwards might i add.. well hes taking flight around the pasture... im thinking hes just having fun i look and the red GATE IS FREAKING OPEN !!!!!! it snapped open he had no halter on.. weve had problems with people trying to steal our animals... well... goodness gracious thank God for horse Feed ! i eventually got him back in.

ok so problems i have with keeping halters on... he nows how to get them off .

number two... average or large halters wont fit him

Number two... we got a building for him... and hopefully a stall in the making.. a stall with a roof that way .. i can keep him in at night and no mountain lions can jump on him and in case the gate comes opens hes secured and he does fine in stalls ive had him in there before i perfer him in the stalls oh gosh ! and the neighbors didnt even call to let me know my horse was out and they were outside ! and he was in their yard !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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