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Cookie- My Netherland Dwarf Bunny

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Cookie is a Netherland Dwarf bunny who was born on March 23, 2013. So she's around 7 months old. She is a grey-white bunny, but she's losing her baby fur so I'm not sure what color she will end up being. The first day that I got her, which was May 11th, she didn't know how to hop or eat timmothy hay. Everyday I would let her run around and monitor her so she didn't eat anything she wasn't suppose to. She finally got the hang of hopping. After about 2 days of having her, I decided to give her a piece of timmothy hay. Well as soon as I fed it to her, she chowed it down. She was instantly hooked on timmothy hay. I also taught her how to throw a tin can with her teeth, as well as roll her blocky in a circle. Cookie is a very smart bunny and also a little bit mysterious. Back in October, I introduced celery to her and she didn't even hesitate to nibble it. So far her favorite vegetable is lettuce because it's mostly water and it's easy for her to chew.
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  1. cassiesmom's Avatar
    Welcome to Pet Talk, Tori Wynn and Cookie Bunny! Cookie, I like your pretty coat and your sweet little ears! Happy Pet of the Day to precious Cookie Bunny!
  2. toriwynn's Avatar
    Aww thanks

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