First real post i guess

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Well this is our first day on here and so we're kinda starting a blog about what we do each day. A basic over view of our life is that this blog is going to be narrated by the dogs point of view because it's what we did on another site and it's just easier now so Hunter and Ruby are taking turns "writing" this blog.
Hunter: We live in Texas with a few other animals and our family. I'm a standard labradoodle and unfortunately I have to live with Ruby who has a bit of a temper(ow, Ruby I said it as nicely as possible!) She's really not that bad though she just likes to think that she runs the place, which you know, being the gentleman that I am I let her believe that. We live a pretty normal life, daily brushing, teeth brushing, playing and training. We have a pool in our yard that we spend quite a bit of time in during the summer. Just normal dog lives pretty much. Ruby: Hunter, you're such a blabber mouth you said all the good stuff. Well he pretty much said it all. Tomorrow we're going to the dog park to play with some of our friends. Should be fun. Well It was a pretty boring day so we'll stop it here and maybe go into more detail tomorrow.

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