help help titan needs help

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[QUOTE=titan;2459354]please reply anybody titan did something to his paw he was bleeding all over the place my wife is a nurse and had me apply alum to stop the bleeding it seems to be comming from between his toe i got no idea what he did but we applyed alum to stop bleeding god he was dripping blood wife wrapped it tightly iam just not sure were to go know what should i apply for infection i really cant afford to take him to vet at the moment iam outta work please any advice would help thank you email me at [email protected] or you can call 1-614-561-9512 thank you so much 911 titan

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  1. Sindy's Avatar
    Not many people look at the blogs. Please post in the forum. Neosporin is a topical anti-biotic that should keep away infection. Good luck.

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