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Garry Bear had been at the animal shelter for one year, when my daughter and I went strolling through to find a cat. All the other cats were begging for attention; crying; reaching through the cage; hoping for someone to just touch them. Garry Bear didn’t care; didn’t cry or even look at us. In fact, Garry looked toward the back of the cage, just a cold sheet of steel. His heart was just like that cold cage, cause Garry had lost his will to live. The dreams of his life on the streets of Gary Indiana were a memory. He had a home there, somewhere; maybe someone that he loved, and they were gone…forever.

I tried to get his attention, but Garry had lost all hope of ever getting out of that cage. Perhaps he had gone through this many times before; hoping, longing for someone to pick him; crying and reaching, just like the other cats; over and over until he was done. He was so sad and misunderstood. I could not imagine that anyone would want him, so I was very surprised when my daughter picked Garry Bear to be “the one” for her.

This little 10 lb. cat was hiding a beautiful tiger face with big, green eyes. It took Garry a couple days to walk and I’m not sure why. Could it be that he was in the cage too long? Was he in shock? I do not really know for sure, but I suspect his muscles were really weak, and maybe sore.

Garry grew to love my husband, George. At night, it is Garry Bear, who George snuggles with. Garry insists on it; they are best buds. When my daughter, Darlene, moved out of our home, she took Garry Bear with her. Garry Bear certainly voiced his stern disapproval, by his constant crying at the door of her new residence.

A couple days later, at 12:30 a.m., I received a call from Darlene that Garry ran away. I rushed to her house at one o’clock in the morning; in the streets of Steger Illinois; I am screaming at the top of my lungs, for Garry Bear. At the same time, I am hoping no one calls the Police. After about 30 minutes of screaming and crying, I yelled “Garry Bear come home, you don’t have to stay here, you can come home with me and your daddy”. Right then, my eyes can’t really believe what I am seeing, as Garry comes walking his slow, lazy walk, around the corner of the house. I believe I heard the angels singing as we cried and loved on the beautiful cat, we thought we lost forever. I am so glad we found him. I cannot imagine not knowing where Garry was sleeping; if he was hungry; if he was trying to get home. I kept my promise and Garry has lived with us ever since that day.

George built a lions den, for the lucky cats, at our house. It’s about 10′ x 6′ x 6 feet high and they could access it through a cat door in the basement window. It is equipped with a mini picnic table, shelves and a little house. I tried to transplant some cat nip for the den, but Garry Bear kept pulling it out.

The night before Fathers Day 2010, Garry stayed in the Lions Den all night. George woke up Fathers Day morning to a dead mouse laying across his shoe. Happy Fathers Day Daddy! We are so lucky to have these beautiful critters grace our home. God, in His mercy, knew we needed them, more than they need us.

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