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  1. Hey,

    How YOU doin'?

    Have you made the move to KY?

    Email me!

  2. Hey guey-

    Going to retract my message from 1/5/10

    It is now 'effin hot here in FL. Consistently 90+ degrees.
  3. How's it going Richard?

    Effin' cold here in FL right now.
  4. Hey Richard,
    So sorry I missed your birthday, man. I was noticing it for months, then I blew it.
    So Feliz Cumpleanos, guey.
  5. Dave,
    I hear you knocking, but you can't come in!!!!!
  6. I give up.

  7. You're up early!
  8. Sup?
    Cat's won't let me sleep. Thinkin' about givin' out some kitten lobotomies.....
  9. When exactly is the UN going to UnNazi the world for us?
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