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  1. hello to you too how are your doggies doing?
  2. hey! how's it going? just dropping by to say hello kiss your babies for me will you
  3. hey. i got a pit bull puppy . she has her own album on my page, so you can look at pics of her if you want
  4. thanks for the comments on the pics of charlie . he appreciates them! lol. he loves to catch & eat snow, that's how i got that picture haha
  5. thanks! & i did
  6. Happy belated birthday hope you had a great one xx
  7. hey! my aunt's pit bull recently had a litter of 12 puppies! i'm uploading a bunch of pics of them to an album, so check it out on my page
  8. thanks so much! i love takin pics of animals & nature
  9. I love the random pictures you took specially the sun set one very beautiful!
  10. 2 more albums have been added (i'm addicted to pictures!). please view "random pretty pics". i took all the pics myself & am curious to hear your opinions!!! i love taking nature pics <3
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