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  1. Too many possibilities, might as draw from a hat :P.
  2. Hhaha! Well, there are many Super Mario brothers games and many undergrounds. well, its okay if I don't know which game it was
  3. Gracias . It was 10 years ago... I'm guessing it was one of the Super Mario Brothers games. The picture in my head isn't helping, I just see one of the underground parts of a level. Trying to remember what they used to (not let me) play, ha!
  4. Haha! Great names!! Which game were they playing?
  5. YOU NOTICED!!! I was waiting for someone to get that reference! When we got our first cat, ym brother and my cousin were playing a Mario game. When Luigi came as a stray, we couldn't resist making them the Mario Brothers :P.
  6. OMG! You play Mario and Luigi!!
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