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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. haha!!
  3. Did you tell your teacher about all the tricks my pet frog can do ???
  4. Hiya, Wom! I am in school right now, my very nice teacher let me turn on pettalk, see ya when I am at home haha lol!
  5. Wom! I wouldn't do that to my cousin. hahaha!!! Although its nice and I'd do that to my father's cousin's children. Tell 'em that I'd do that to them if they bother me. They are the real TROUBLE!
  6. Hmmmm....he sounds like ???
    We know what to do with troublesome cousins in Australia.
    We lock them in a cage, fatten them up, and then feed them to the kangaroos.
  7. Its huzaifa, he doesn't care about his account here. He isn't much of a fun and he loves animals but, he doesn't care about his account, THANK GOD! He has kept a profile privacy. But, he might leave his account. Thank God there won't be a person here to call me names like he calls me, grouchy...hate it!
  8. Whats your cousins login name ???
  9. see, he just called me grouchy!
  10. haha!!! Thanks Wom.
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