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  1. Yes I just read yesterday's COTD. Its from Karachi, so nice of you to remember me, Thanks for letting me know. Thanks Elyse
  2. Sana, I wonder if you've seen today's (February 8) Cat of the Day- is from Pakistan; so I thought of you when I saw the beautiful Cat of the Day!
  3. OMG! Awww...Cassie is such a lovely coated kitty. I mean, whatt a pretty color! Its grey and shiny! Milo is such a pretty sweet heart! I love orangies and Milo is certainly one of my favourites! If you can , please! give them both loads of hugs and kisses from me. They are lovely
  4. The album is really nice, the pictures are quite nicely taken Thanks for the friend request
  5. Thanks Elyse
  6. Hello, Sana! Happy New Year!
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