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  1. hey. i got a new puppy . she has her own album on my page, so you can look at pics of her if you want
  2. hey! my aunt's pit bull recently had a litter of 12 puppies! i'm uploading a bunch of pics of them to an album, so check it out on my page
  3. 2 more albums have been added (i'm addicted to pictures!). please view "random pretty pics". i took all the pics myself & am curious to hear your opinions!!! i love taking nature pics <3
  4. is there anything about Chihuahuas that someone should know before getting one?
  5. your chihuahuas are so cute =)
  6. thanks for adding me as your friend!!! =)
  7. Welcome to PetTalk!!! He sure is a handsome man!! I hope you love it here!!
  8. hello. i'm "handsome charlie"'s mom (i finally joined pet talk haha). i was very surprised when i saw all the awesome comments that everyone left on charlie's page. they made me so happy!!! thanks for the awesome comments!!! oh, by the way, im adding you to my friends list
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