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  1. my aunt's pit bull recently had a litter of 12 puppies! i'm uploading a bunch of pics of them to an album, so check it out on my page
  2. gonna see your album!
  3. hey! i added a few pics to my random pretty pics album
  4. You took great pictures, really I mean it! I'll read the comments.
  5. thanks for taking the time to comment on practically all of my nature pics! i hope to be a nature/wildlife photographer when i'm older, so this is just practice. be sure to check the album soon cuz i'll reply to all your comments there
  6. I'll look at them at once and what a coincidence I love taking pictures too! especially of nature!
  7. 2 more albums have been added (i'm addicted to pictures!). please view "random pretty pics". i took all the pics myself & am curious to hear your opinions!!! i love taking nature pics <3
  8. ok =)
  9. oh cool =). when's ur bday?
  10. ohh.. My cousin is 14th and bro are 21st of Jan. hehe..
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