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  1. I posted new pics of Honey . She's 6 months old now & weighs about 40 pounds
  2. I posted some new pics of Honey. She's 6 months old now & weighs about 40 pounds
  3. Wow! She certainly has grown!!! What a big little girl! I bet she's making great friends with the others!!
  4. new pics of Honey are up
  5. I will be waiting to see the pictures!!!
  6. Honey is doing great. She's getting along well with my 4 other dogs. She is about 2 1/2 months old now, & she has gotten so big!!! She's seriously a monster lol. I'll put some new pics of her up later, so you can see . & yea, I love her color too. Tan pit bulls are my favoritttte. & hahahaha One Down sounds crazy lol
  7. Hi! Just thought to stop bye and ask how Honey was. So, how old is the Honey, now? I seriously love her color, such a lovely honeyish color! Stopping bye to hear about her, and here's a message from our pup, One Down
    Hi there, Honey! You iz really good coloring, me loves it and remeberz, when you grows up! RUN FAST AFTER CARS!!! Likez I do!
    Seriously, One Down..he chases cars from our balcony! Hehe! He watches them go from the balcony and sometimes runs after them as they go around the baclony. See you soon!
  8. Omg! That's so awesome! Gonna see the pictures now
  9. hey. i got a new puppy . she has her own album on my page, so you can look at pics of her if you want
  10. They look so nice and big, well cared, I'd say. Great pictures!
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