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  1. hey! my aunt's pit bull recently had a litter of 12 puppies! i'm uploading a bunch of pics of them to an album, so check it out on my page
  2. hey =) we havent talked in forever lol
  3. too much snoooowwww
  4. welcome!
  5. THANKSSS lol =D
  6. cool! Happpy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
  7. yep =) haha my birthday's tomorrowww yaaaaaaay =D
  8. was really good!
  9. i saw sherlock holmes yesterday, but i haven't seen avatar yet. i really wana see it though. i actually enjoyed sherlock holmes a lot more than i thought i would =)
  10. .....did you the movie Sherlock Holmes or Avatar? I saw both and loved them... More Avatar than Holmes but both were interesting. I liked the 3-D thats why. lol
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