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  1. thanks!
  2. haha happy new year to you too =) & all your
  3. Have a Happy New Year "Charlie"
  4. I live in RI..
  5. I read dog of the day and it said you live in Delaware. That is cool. My aunt lives in Dover Delaware and sometimes I visit her.
  6. my AIM is mugsimaker just to let you know...
  7. no i'm not allowed to have facebook or myspace lol
  8. Cool, I have an mp3 w/ around 400 songs. Do u have a facebook? I do....
  9. omg my boyfriend looooves call of duty haha. & i got the 160GB classic ipod =). i can hold up to 30,000 songs. i have around 1,200 right now lol.
  10. Cool which one? My brother got video games and the only one I want to play with is Call of sounds fun!!
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