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  1. i like those kinds too =). i'm really into stephen king...i've read "it" & "pet sematary" so far, & i'm about to read "dreamcatcher" & "cujo" =). but, i like all kinds of books =)
  2. Like mythical creature, fantasy, or fiction............whatever catches my eye!
  3. wow 87...idk if i could do what kind of books do u like to read?
  4. me too!! over the past summer i read 87 heheee..........i had nothing to do!
  5. that's cool =). i like to that i love to read haha =D
  6. I like school.........don't know why just like to learn.
  7. back to school =( although, i do enjoy seein my friends =D
  8. lol yea me too =P
  9. *writing
  10. 2010, I will have to get used to writed 1/2/10 on my papers....
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