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  1. Each bird has his or her own individual taste. Generally a seed/fruit/nut mix for the larger birds with pellets. The budgies and lovebirds eat a smaller seed and Hagen 'no-waste' Tropi-mix.

    Most of the birds (except Sonny and Quincy) like fruit and veggies, especially romaine lettuce. They (except S & Q again) absolutely LOVE pomegranate. Starches are big; pasta, rice, sometimes potato. Crackers and corn chips cause a riot. Potato chips too, but we don't eat those often. Barry and I go nuts over them too! I also make a special birdie bread using cornbread as a base, then add shredded apple or yogurt, natural pellets, frozen veggies. . .stuff like that.

    Djimo is really picky and careful with new food. He acts like you're trying to kill him if you hand him something he's never eaten before. The rest of the birds will just ignore something that they don't like.

    They are, basically, brats. . .but I love to spoil them!
  2. Hi Kathy-
    Your bird stories are hysterical!
    What do your birds like to eat?
    In Hawaii, I got to feed the Giant Macaw grapes and macadamia nuts in their shells.
    : )

  3. Sonny and Teacake like company. Quincy likes company if they have food. nOOdles will let you hold and kiss him if I hand him to you but will not step up to someone he does not know. Be very careful with the Sennies, they might bite. None of them like children and I don't know why. When my friend Tony came over with his 11 year old son (who is actually very well behaved) every time he went into the bird room the Quakers would scream and Sonny would say "No!" Hee hee!
  4. Well, in my house, food = love so I understand Bella's reaction!! LOL!!

    I don't know how much the birdies understand what they are saying, but Sonny seems to use the word "No" to express himself. If Barry gets on the phone while holding Sonny we get a whole bunch of "No!"s because he's not getting the attention. He loves juice and will drink it like mad, and if he stops and you ask him, "Do you want more?" he will either take another drink or say "No!" and stop. He was telling Quincy "Stop it!" last night, but maybe that's because we tell him the same thing all the time.
  5. And last but not least . . .the Budgies (Parakeets) Jheri [pastel female], Sergio [lavendar male] and Jazzy [yellow male]. They pretty much do their own thing although I can handle Jheri. Jazzy lost his mate Betty this year. She was a blue female and she was very strange. An endless source of wonder and amusement, but her vent prolapsed and we helped her to cross the rainbow bridge. It was very sad. They get to fly around the bird room and hang out all day.
    Well, that's the FLock!
    I could go on for pages (and I think I have!) but you know how it is. Hope you're not sorry you asked! Tell me about your babies. . . .? and the cat rescue that you do. . .
  6. Djimo and Sage - Senegal Parrots. Djimo is my special guy. He is totally my bird. End of story. He is incredibly smart and independent, but he loves his mama. He says Hello, Pretty Bird, Are you all right? and a bunch of other things that are hard to understand. I heard him say I Love You about three times, but that was it. He said his name one night all night long but has never said it again. . .go figure! Sage is the clown of the group and you never know what she is going to come up with next. She loves her mama but papa is very special to her and she resents Sonny taking over her place next to papa. She and Sonny will actually get into physical fights if they get too close. They once rolled on the floor fighting and Barry was hitting them with a bag of veggies trying to separate them. It's can be a bit crazy sometimes. . .
  7. nOOdles and Sprout - both Quaker parrots. I brought nOOdles home especially as a companion for Sprout who lost his (or her, we're not sure) cagemate Zoot last year. Zoot was my little man and we were together for 12 years. It was devistating to me, my husband (Barry) and to Sprout. But nOOdles and Sprout bonded beautifully and spend all their time together. Sprout was wild born and does not like to be handled. He currently is having a lot of problems with his skin but is otherwise healthy. nOOdles is just a little, soft kissable delight. But he has attitude - he is a Quaker Parrot after all!
  8. Edla and Teacake - a pair of lovebirds. Teacake is a total character! She's about 12 years old now. Edla is much younger, maybe only 4? But they love each other and are always in trouble together.
    Sonny the Sun Conure and Quincy the Quaker Parrot- They are a bonded pair although they are both males. They are the "alternative lifestyle birds" in the flock! Sonny loves my husband more than anything and will literally throw himself on the floor and run after him when hubby passes his cage. Quincy was a bit of a challange when I first brought him home, but he is my little honeybun now and loves cuddles and kisses. He's the best talker of the group, imitating lots of noises and singing and saying a few words. Sonny only says "No!"
  9. I tried to answer your note and PT told me my response was too long! LOL!! Guess any mama loves to brag on her babies. I can send a note for every few birds. does that sound?
  10. Hi Cathy-
    Love to hear about your birds. Tell us about their personalities. Do some birds get along better with other particular birds?
    I remember going to a bird 'house' for a lack of a better word, in Hawaii. They had a giant Hyacinth macaw, named Blueberry.
    And they had many baby parrots, with food all over their faces as they were learning to eat, and talk!
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