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  1. I have read The Silmarillion, and actually liked it a lot. What a nerd I am!! I read somewhere that reading The Silmarillion is like reading the Old Testament ... true! Start with the Unfinished Tales ... they are kind of the middle ground between LOTR and The Silmarillion. Yes, I loved the movies too! Better than I ever hoped they be.
  2. I've been reading Tolkien since I was about 10, starting with The Hobbit - I was introduced to it when my older sister read it for school and I helped her do a project for the class. We created our own Hobbiton using little models on a big piece of plywood. I absolutely love his writing and am delighted with the LOTR movies as well. I think the director remained very true to the stories and did a fabulous job. I lose myself in them about once a year. . .

    Have you ever read the Silmarillion? I have started it on a few occasions, but it's so dense and complicated that I end up putting it down. I have a book on tape version that I found on the internet but I haven't attempted it yet.
  3. Thank you. Are you a Tolkien fan as well?
  4. Your signature quotes are most excellent. . .

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