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  1. Hi Shannon! It's good to hear from you! You (and Silver) have been on my mind...I know this is a difficult time of year for you.I wish I had some magic words to help lighten the load, but try to look at it this way...We are at the beginning of a new opportunities, new chances, new beginnings. I know I've mentioned this before, and only you know what's best for you, but this might be the year to consider getting a new kitty...There are so many that need loving homes, and you have a lot of of love to give, as is obvious by your love for Silver. Give it some thought, hang in there and try to focus on all the possibilities that this new year brings.
    Talk to you soon!
  2. (((((((Judy)))))))))) thank you for remembering my Silver. I just now got your message. My depression has been pretty bad lately. With Silver's anniversary, the anniversary on Christmas day of my precious Uncle's passing a few years ago, and my Mom's birthday on the 29th, its been hard. Thank for thinking of me....... yes Silver and Billy are running happy together for sure!
  3. Shannon-I haven't logged on in several days, so I just saw your post about Silver. I've been thinking of you, as we near the 28th. I know how very hard the next several days will be... It was six months on the 16th, since we lost Billy. I miss him terribly, especially this time of year. But I know that Billy and Silver would not want our sadness over missing them to overshadow the holidays. They loved us and wanted us to remember them with smiles, not with tears.

    Hang in there and Merry Christmas-

  4. Shannon,
    Got your message...I'm chasing my tail today, too! I'll bet our 2 babies are keeping things hopping "up there!"

    Have a good day!!!
  5. Shannon-I saw your pictures...what a sweetheart she was. It's uncanny, but the first one of Silver taken before she left you, looks almost exactly like ones of Billy that we took the day he died...Very weak, skinny and just tired of it all. Bless their precious hearts. As hard as it was, it was the right thing to let them go.

    Your other pictures are wonderful. Cherish them always.
  6. I will make a point to look at your pictures of your baby.
    I'm so sorry about your mom. It does seem that maybe you got Silver for a reason...It has seemed over the years, that several of our cats have "turned up" at times when something had or was about to happen in our lives. All of our kitties have been strays...We've never had to go "get" a cat...They've all just shown up...Like four-legged, furry, purring angels.
    What a wonderful thing for your "second mom" to give you. And I know how hard it is, but give some thought to a new kitty. As hard as it has been, having our other 3 has been a help.
  7. Hi! Silver and Billy were very special cats, and we were so lucky to have them in our lives. You said that Silver died on Dec. 28. Billy was a 6 mo. old stray when he strolled into our lives, at Christmastime, 1991. We fell in love with him, and took him to the vet to get his shots and have him neutered before we brought him home around our other kitty, Fuzz. We brought him home from the vet on Christmas Eve Day(is that a great present or what?), so this time of year is full of memories for us too. When you think of Silver, try not to mourn her.Try to celebrate her life and what she meant to you. Try to smile and not to cry when you remember her. I know how difficult this is, but that is how I have managed to get through this, and believe me, I still cry plenty. Billy died on June 16, so next Tues. will be 6 months. Seems like forever sometimes, and sometimes it seems like yesterday.
    Please know that others understand what you're dealing with and write me anytime.
  8. hello,
    thank you for your reply to my post about my missing my babygirl, Silver. I am so sorry you lost your Billy too. Sounds like Silver and Billy had similar illness in the end and it was a blessing to ease their pain. Silver lived 18 years. Your Billy 17. Such a blessing. And yes Silver and had that very special bond that no one else had just as you and Billy had. Chrismas is very hard. She was put down Dec 28th. And she was my Christmas kitty... my "Silver-bells".
    If you want to talk feel free to email me. [email protected]
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