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  1. Hello, Pinot and Meowmie! Have a great vacation!
  2. Good afternoon, Pinot's Mom... I am thinking of you and gorgeous Pinot today! Hope you are having a good day. Give your kitty girl a pet or two for me!
  3. Hi Elyse - yes, I saw Eve's new pictures and commented on them. Eve, Bean and Pinot are long lost siblings.
  4. Pinot's Mom, did you see the photos of Bengal's Eve in Cat General? Eve and Pinot Noir could be twins ! They are both very beautiful grey tabby ladies.
  5. Dear Pinot, here is a post for mew...
    Your admirer,
  6. Thank you for the picture comments, Elyse, and don't you worry! Pinot is well chaperoned on her garden (jungle) romps! Give Cassie kisses from us and have a great day!
  7. Hi Elyse and Cassie Cat! Thanks for the hello!
    Just settled in with Pinot (who has been waiting impatiently for snuggle time all night!) after doing the last batch of Christmas cards (whew); figured I'd check on line before bed. Tree went up last night. We're getting there! Currently there is ice hitting the windows (boo-hiss).

    How are things in your neck of the woods?
  8. Hi, precious Pinot and hi, Maggie!
  9. Thank you for your comments on Pinot's pictures, Elyse, she's an easy subject - so pretty! Not that I'm bias or anything! That blue rug is in the front hall where she greets us when we come in every day.
    Nice to hear from you - how are you and cute Cassie?
  10. Cassie's Mom - Hello! Pinot & I would love to be friends with you! As you could gather in her picture, she's a grey tabby, but does have dilute calico underneath. She's beautiful. She came into our lives at the end of March as a 10 month old from the SPCA, so she's having her first real Christmas and is loving it!! Her kitty stocking was full of good things! Write anytime; love to hear from you!
    Maggie (Pinot's Mom)
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