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  1. Catmandu, just wanted to make sure you saw this
  2. Thats Old Orange Blossom who was a regular on Our Porch for many years!
    Then ond day someone injured his face and mouth, and the infection had set in so badly by the time he limped to our Porch that he was beyong all help.
    He was a Dear Gentle Older Cat , and loved the food and quiet as his home had a lot of noisy children there.
    Hes married to Cat Familys Mia now , and with thier Eternal Baby Angels run thier Lobster Roll River Boat.
    You will see them at the Inagural Ball with a line of Sea Food Lovers following!!!
    Gary ,My Lucky Found Paradise Hotel Cats , Porch Cats and Our Animal Angel Army in Heaven with the Love Of Our All Mighty Lord God Above.
  3. Uncle Catmandu, could you tell us more about this beautiful kitty? Is he (or she) one of your Porchies? What a gorgeous ginger cat!

    Thank you,
    Cassie and Elyse
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