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  1. THANK're the best
  2. For some reason I can't log in to Pepsi Refresh today. Will try again later. I saw your post about the shelter in Ontario and I want to vote for them. (((HUGS))) for Sunny, Moon and Bean
  3. cute. Thanks for thinking of us Sunny LOVES petsmart and any treats that come her way. Her new favorite place to go is Dunkin Donuts drive through cause they always give her a plain munchkin
  4. I was in line at Petsmart yesterday in front of a woman with a yellow Lab, and I thought of you! I asked if I might pet her dog and she told me the dog's name is Lady, she is 14, and if I pet her, I might not be able to stop for a l-o-n-g time because the dog loves petting! Works for me! I thought of Sunny as I was talking to them. The cashier gave Lady a dog treat as they were checking out. (they always ask first if the dog may have one) ... sooooo .... ((((HUGS)))) Sunny, Moon and Bean from your fan Elyse
  5. Thank You!
  6. Happy Birthday on Sunday, Sunny!
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