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  1. aww... thank you... actually we are ok.. so far.. hubby not so lucky... well... some.. hasn`t got it but he got to get vaccinated... let`s hope he doesn`t gets it nor gets to be a carrier as he is planning on coming next weekend... ... confused feelings..
  2. Husky Mom, I hope this new flu strain in Mexico is leaving you ALONE!! Thinking of you and hoping you're well,
  3. hi, to answer your question 50/50... dogs: the punkies and the bunny are ok... the freaks: ok too.... and the cats: not so well... well I hope they are ok but they are still MIA.. I hope they are ok wherever they are
  4. Husky Mom, how are the beautiful Siberian punkies and the cats? Could you give them some hugs for me?

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